3918 days later...

The journey must go on

Published 30-05-2021 by David Rubio Vidal (@davidrv87)

3918 days later, a journey that started the 7th of September of 2010 comes to an end.

One person left. Someone different comes back.

A personality shaped by all the past experiences, just like the wind or the water give shape to the cliffs. Exposed and defenseless. That stay on their feet despite the poundings.

Experiences that give you experience. Experience that is a grade in life. And out there, exposed to all kind of situations and circumstances, is where you can collect the medals and badges.

Medals that some like to wear with proud. And, why not doing it? After all, they we were collected with effort and sacrifice…

Everything rushes to my mind.

I want to write everything at the same time. But I don’t write anything. There is a huge mess.

But what a mess!

There are some many things.

So many.

To arrive. To adapt. To arrange. To begin.

Anyhow, you start the engine. Because you must. You end up developing yourself one way or the other. But, one day you say to yourself that you want to change. That you’ve given everything you got. That you are ready for the next thing.

Un-begin. Un-arrange. Un-adapt. Farewell.

But you do it one more time. Choosing another destination and starting again.

With a new spirit.

Northern Ireland. Scotland. New Zealand. The Netherlands… corona and The Netherlands again.

Let’s press pause for a second.

You are in a car. Good music is on. The best music. And you look through the window. There is a perfect sunset. You see the landscape passing by. And your mood is such that you could spend hours like this.

If we press play again… That’s how I remember my life. And that’s how it must be. Regardless if the road has bumps. Or bends. Or if it is uphill. The sunset is at the other side of the glass. The music in your hears. And that keeps the smile in your lips.

And that’s how life should be remembered.

With a smile.

I want to remember my life like that; with a smile in my lips and at the rhythm of good music.

What do you keep?

There are so many moments. So many stories. So many people… that it is hard, very hard to choose.

Maybe, the best thing to do will be to allow those moments to come back naturally. That your following experiences start evoking those that are part of the past.

Yes, I think that will be the best thing to do.

But why? Because now something else begins. Day 1 of this new PHASE starts here and now. A very different but promising PHASE. A PHASE of new projects that, for sure, will be the PRELUDE of the next best moments. Moments that one day could be part of a post like this one.

The next “X days later…“ begin.

With the batteries fully charged and with the new hopes.

It is time to regain contact with everything that more than 10 years was left behind.

In a place that is familiar and strange at the same time. Because life kept going on for everyone. Life has DRAWN smile on everyone’s faces. Or I hope so.

Time to start again. However this time, being part of team, it will be much easier.